Sales department: sales assistant

We are looking for a sales assistant. Requirements: female, dignified and generous, handsome facial features, physical health, outgoing personality, college graduate or above.

Be able to bear hardships and stand hard work, have professional dedication, work carefully and earnestly, strong language expression ability, have certain experience in dealing with people, have the preparation of long-term service for this post, have accountant certificate and live in the same place is preferred.

The company provides competitive salary, according to the provisions of the state to pay five insurance, paid vacation. Attendance or overtime is free and quality meals. In case of overtime work, overtime pay will be paid according to the regulations.

Technical department: electrical engineer

We are looking for 2 electrical engineers with bachelor degree or above. Experience in electrical circuit manufacturing design or mechanical product controller design and manufacturing, familiar with electrical principles, familiar with PLC programming, familiar with industrial control.

The company provides three high-quality free meals, pay five social insurance and one housing fund, enjoy paid vacation and company travel, bo cake, tail teeth and other benefits. And provide competitive salary and personal development space.

Purchasing department: purchasing clerk

Responsible for parts purchase, account processing, data management, supplier negotiation, etc.
Job requirements:
1. Female, college degree or above, major in finance or accounting is preferred;
2. Honest, strong pressure resistance, strong data concept and beautiful handwriting;
3. Proactive, good at communication and coordination, able to work overtime and negotiate with suppliers.
Five days and eight hours, once hired, the company provides competitive salary treatment, social insurance stipulated by the state such as social security, medical insurance, maternity insurance, free lunch and paid vacation.

Technical department: Mechatronics Engineer

We are looking for a mechanical and electrical integration engineer with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical and electrical integration and more than two years of working experience.

The company will offer competitive salaries, social security, medical insurance and paid vacations in accordance with national regulations.

Technical Department: Mechanical Engineer

Bachelor degree or above in mechanical or electromechanical integration, 2 years working experience (excellent fresh graduates are also welcome), male, team spirit, passion for this major, re-learning ability, ability to work overtime, hard-working, passion for technical research, hands-on ability.

The company will provide competitive salary, familiar with the product can stand alone technical engineer annual salary more than 100,000. The company pays five social insurance and one housing fund and provides paid vacation, and provides free and high-quality meals. The company is in the stage of rapid development, providing individuals with long-term and diverse personal development space.

If you are interested in the above positions

Please send your contact information and resume to the following email address